Disqus Comments For The Win!

Check out that sweet new comment box below! Pretty cool, huh?

Once again, this was something that was super easy to add to my site thanks to the awesome people over at Disqus. They have installation techniques for all sorts of frameworks and platforms, but their 'universal code' installation method was super easy too!

All I had to do was change the css styles of the box to make it look a lit...

Slugs are awesome!

Slugs are totally rad! And not just the slimy little creatures that wreak havoc on your gardens!

I just finished implementing something new on my blog that changes the URLs to each post from the ugly, old, outdated ID numbers to a pretty, new, cool-looking slug.

It was actually quite easy to add through the use of the Doctrine Extensions Bundle's "Sluggable" feature. It basically adds a new ...